I got a new toy… a Kitchen Aid 5 qt Artisan Stand Mixer in Ice.  A pleasant side effect of planning a wedding is gifts!  This was the first thing I registered for and the first thing that I received and I am in love.  It makes cake making so much easier and cleaner.  Once I saw that bad boy come off the registry list I went out and bought “The Best of Martha Stewart: Cakes and Cupcakes” magazine.


The perfect occasion to bake cupcakes for was this past St. Patricks Day.  I made the one bowl chocolate cake recipe with cream cheese frosting.  I added 1 shot of Baileys to the frosting in honor of St. Paddys.  I tried to do the trick where you fill half of the piping bag with green and half with white to get a swirl effect but as you can see that didn’t quite happen.  They did turn out delicious and I got nothing but good reviews.  The full recipe yielded 33 amazing cupcakes.