This was the first weekend I had to myselft after quitting my part time job.  It was filled with all of my favorite things: homemade food, crafting, knitting and watching Harry Potter.  Yes, I am still single, why do you ask?

Saturday I hit up Michael’s and dropped way too much money on supplies to make valentines.  I was inspired by the Sushi Card over at Paper, Plate, and Plane.  I am still a novice crafter so my cards are much simpler and I wanted to make a ton of them.  I found some cards and envelopes in the clearance section, stocked on some cardstock, and picked up a trimmer by my girl Martha.  I set up a little assembly line and used my heavy school books to help everything dry flat.  Now I know why people use the expensive double sided tape; no crinkly paper when it dries and you save a ton of time waiting for everything to dry.

Here are the results:

I made 16 of them to give to my coworkers, family, and friends.  The only thing is that the envelopes are square so I will have to get extra postage on them.  Next weekend I have plans to go to the roller derby; and I am hoping to bring along my camera and get some action shots.