One of my guilty pleasures is browsing the aisles at Michael’s, or any craft store.  I can always find a million things I “need” and tons of project ideas.  Last night I got home from a very boring day of meetings and decided I just had to start a new craft project.  What was the new obsession?  EMBOSSED GIFT TAGS!!!!  NOW!!!!  Money was no object.  Unfortunately for my bank account Martha Stewart has come out with a new line of crafting supplies, complete with Martha Stewart prices.  Sidenote: I love Martha, I love that she crocheted a frickin poncho in PRISON!  I also love that she is buddies with Conan O’Brien and Snoop Dogg.

Anyways about 100 bucks later I walked away with enough craft supplies to make 3 gift tags.  I got a Martha Stewart embossing gun, some Martha Stewart ink, alphabet stamps, embossing powder, and cardstock.  If possible I would have taken home the whole aisle of Martha stuff.  Now you know how I spent my Saturday night… I too will be an old spinster like my girl Martha at this rate.  But unlike her I will be broke!